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the busy dragonfly

When Zoom flies, she flies fast.

But one day, this speedy dragonfly takes a wrong turn and finds herself far from home.

Many things are different in this new country.

Yet other things – like friendship – are exactly the same!

From recent collaborators, Michelle Coleman and Rohini Chakraborty, comes a story about slowing down and embracing new places
and those who live there.

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Written by Michelle Coleman
Illustrations by Rohini Chakraborty

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Believe - A Fairy ABC

Michelle Coleman and Rohini Chakraborty

A is for apples, crunchy and sweet.

B is for babies with the cutest feet!

There are lots of things fairies love, but do you know what they love most of all? Friendship!

This delightful ABC book explores the A-Z of the fairy world, with a special focus on the environment and kindness.


(Hard Cover)


(Soft Cover)